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What type of EVA material is used to make these Training EVA Pet Dog Toys?

These Training EVA Pet Dog Toys are usually made of closed-cell EVA material, which is a common and ideal choice. The closed-cell EVA material has a compact cell structure, which gives it a series of excellent performance characteristics and is particularly suitable for the manufacture of pet dog toys. First of all, it has excellent elasticity, which means that even under intense chewing and scratching by pet dogs, the toy can maintain its shape and structural integrity and is not easily deformed or broken. This elasticity also makes the pet dog feel more comfortable when playing, and can provide a elastic rebound feeling, adding to the fun of the toy.
The closed-cell EVA material has excellent wear resistance, which means that even during long-term use, the surface of the toy will not easily wear or become rough, maintaining a good touch and appearance. This feature is particularly important for pet dogs, because they often explore and play by biting and scratching. Toys with strong wear resistance can accompany pet dogs for a longer period of time, reducing the frequency of replacement and replacement by owners. cost.
The closed-cell EVA material also has good durability, which means that the toy can maintain stable performance and quality when used in outdoor environments. It is waterproof and moisture-proof, even in humid environments, it is not susceptible to moisture and moisture, thus extending the service life of the toy. This is especially important for dogs who are trained and played outdoors, as they may be exposed to a variety of weather conditions, and excellent materials ensure that the toys provide stable and reliable performance in any environment.